Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get Smarter Book Review

SYNNEX released great results. I was at a RIM board meeting today. RIM also released results.

I am stressed from being out of my office. Perhaps I should read my article on 8 Ways to Handle Stress.

I am way behind in posting my business book reviews so need to post more often for a while.

I read an awesome book by Seymour Schulich called, "Life and Business Lessons Get Smarter". Seymour Schulich is an accomplished entrepreneur billionaire which is why people might listen to him.

The book consists of 48 very short chapters. (Don't be daunted -- this is a very simple and fast read.) It is written largely as an older man's mentoring for someone who is new and going into business. As I read the various rules, I couldn't help but smile and nod in agreement with almost everything he had to say in almost every area.

The book is not only business lessons but covers lessons on finance and life. He even gets into relationships.

I found the book to be a page turner (which might seem ironic for a business book, but perhaps I am different). It contained many gems and philosophies.

It is definitely worth the read!


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