Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Planting the Seed

I am waiting in the lounge for a delayed flight. Good time management means no stress - I can use the time anyways. Or perhaps I just say this, I would rather be in the air.

I have been grappling later with some problem solving. I am using the "Planting the Seed" problem solving method.

This technqiue for creative problem solving is to spend a short but intense time thinking and brainstorming about a problem; spending time researching to obtain as much background as possible, including attempting to solve the problem. When it cannot be solved instantly, then simply drop it and do something else.

This technique of planting a seed can be used for solving a myriad of problems.

Those people who commented on planning in the evening instead of planning in the morning likely benefit quite a bit from this planting the seed technique. If you are planning the evening before, you have time for your sub-conscious to think about what it is you are going to do and psychologically prepare yourself better for the day. I suspect you also solve some of your problems as they go.


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