Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Maple Leafs vs Senators

I lead a charmed life.

I was fortunate tonight to attend dinner (with HSBC) and the Leafs season opener against the Ottawa Senators courtesy of my good friend Warren Spitz. Senators won 4-3.

In the box (courtesy of Tom Bitove) was the head of the Canadian military - general Rick Hillier and deputy Toronto Police Chief Kim Derry. Both men seemed to be very nice and struck me as being good leaders and spokespersons.

I met one of my friends on the way out of the game who asked my how Kaitlin was doing. Kaitlin has touched a lot of hearts. (She is doing much better.) And then she asked me if I would work less because of Kaitlin's accident. Interesting question that had never crossed my mind. The implication is that working hard is not what I want to do. I choose to work hard because I want to and do not regret making that choice.

Does make me think though (and that is never a bad thing).


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