Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Simple Abundance and Beating Fatigue.

I am in the airport lounge awaiting my flight to Vancouver.

I hate technology. Trouble logging into the wireless network in the Air Canada lounge cost me 10 minutes.

Imagine a day when computers are fast and wireless just works.

Despite my complaining, Air Canada does have the best lounges. They have green tea. Food is better than many other lounges. And I do make my living selling technology so in reality I love it. And it is remarkable that we even have wireless.

I ran last night at about 7 PM after getting back from flight from Ottawa. Very unusual for me since I usually run in the mornings. I did not run yesterday morning because I was in Ottawa which is a poor excuse. I was dead tired when I started and felt more like napping. It was all I could do to force myself to run. Still, did 5K and then felt great for the rest of the evening. Likely even stayed up later than prudent since I was so pumped. My time tip today is "when you are tired and need to stay up - excercise vigourously for 20+ minutes".

I read a book on the weekend called, "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It is more targeted towards a female audience and is not meant to be read in a weekend. I tend to read any book that people refer to me which is why I ended up reading it. It is a series of daily vignettes. Most of the entries are about good things and charitable thoughts. Things like "there is no scarcity" and "gratitude awakening the heart", and "nurturing your authentic flare", and "ask, ask, ask". Many topics on being calm and relaxed. I suppose I can use those.

I tend not to like books that are meant to be spread over a year because perhaps I am too impatient. However, for those who like daily thoughts, it is not a bad read. In one sense, it is too bad it is so gender specific.

I am a big believer in the concept of abundance. Too often in business things are looked at as a zero sum game when in many cases there are opportunities that expand the game adding to the win for all.


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