Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Importance of the Unimportant

I was quoted in the Globe and Mail yesterday:

"The importance of the unimportant: Jim Estill, CEO of SYNNEX Canada, wonders why he is bothering to refine his systems for handling unimportant tasks rather than ignoring them. The answer: Sometimes because for others it is important, and sometimes because there is something important buried within the unimportant."

Also had a good plug on Blog Guelph on my Time Leadership eBook.

So blog traffic should be up.

My brother Glen had a full page story in the Report on Business Magazine. While searching for the URL for that I notice he was also quoted in Business Edge. He was also interviewed on the BBC.

My youngest brother Lyle has always been a genius at getting press.

Mark by older brother (sorry no hot link as he has no blog which is surprising since he has a degree in journalism and worked as a news reporter for 10 years) does not strive for press.

Not sure why I am thinking about press lately. I do know that people are influenced by press. Influence helps us to shape our world. It increases profile which helps people get things done.

Profile does have its challenges. People sometimes expect the super human. (I sometimes even expect that of myself). It is tough to be "just Jim". People always expect the profound. In his book "">Purpose - The Starting Point of Great Companies" by Nikos Mourkogiannis he writes:

"Another attitude I had to confront, again and again was magical thinking. Many people, consciously or not, grow up looking to someone greater than themselves - a father or mother figure with perceived magical powers - to step in and solve major problems."

Off to see if I can be magical today.


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