Monday, October 23, 2006


The sales retreat is done and was a great success. Energy is high. People are pumped. Only one minor misunderstanding which is causing me great strss which I need to clear up today and it will be close to perfect.

I went into the office when it was done so even have most of my follow up done, which is great.

My closing speech was on excellence. I covered what I thought were the 7 Steps to Excellence.

1 - It is a continuum so we must always continue to strive to achieve it.

2 - Be responsive. We need to be lightning fast on email and vmail response. This is one of my pet peeves.

3 - Always learn. We need to all continue to learn all the time.

4 - Change is Opportunity. We need to embrace it.

5 - Help resellers win. We will be successful if our customers our. The more we can help our customers win, the more they will buy.

6 - Polish process. We need to look at all of our processes and always question how we can do them faster, better, more effectively.

7 - Do smart business. We need to make sure our business is sustainable long term.

I am going to cover these same points on my quarterly update meetings today.

Off to the gym.


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