Thursday, August 10, 2006

Make My Day

I had my second swimming lesson today. Last time I said it saved me probably three or four minutes on my short triathelon (750 meter swim, 19 mile cycle, 5K run). Today I probably only saved another 15 or 20 seconds. Still I feel that I am making great progress and I have been out swimming three times so far (including the lessons). For the past three or four triathelons that I have done, I have not actually swum in between the triathelons. So anything is an improvement.

And I did cycle 11K tonight and walked about 5K so not being a total slouch.

Sometimes I get an email from one of my friends that "makes my day". A positive comment. Really picks me up.

I know also that I can have a great impact on someone if I give him/her positive or negative feedback. I can make or break their day.

Of course the interesting part of this is I know that I can choose my reaction to anything said to me. So I can choose to not allow anyone to ruin my day.

I am trying to watch these simple things.


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