Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Conspiracy of Fools

I have been immersed in spreadsheets and legal agreements. Not my most favourite parts of being a CEO. Good thing I have good people who like doing these more than I do.

In March, Debbie Weil posted about ROI on Blogging. This is a question I get asked often. I had an article published a while ago on my views called The Fallacy of Return on Investment in Marketing. For long term companies, measuring ROI on marketing is impossible.

I might be taking my time saving blogging tips too seriously. One the the things I practise is having a few posts ready to go in case I am busy. I now have over 15 posts I could use. Need to slow down a bit on them.

Another of my tricks is to do a book review since these are easy and fast. 10 of the posts I have ready to post are book reviews. Of course people might not find value to come to my blog if all I do is book reviews.

I read an awesome book on the weekend called, "Conspiracy of Fools" by Kurt Eichenwald. It is the true story of Enron. Eichenwald must have done a huge amount of research to put together the time lines of everything that happened.

I found the book to be a complete page turner and as exciting as any non-fiction novel that I have read recently. I highly recommend it.

I believe this book is a must read for any officers or directors of any public company.

The Enron story was truly one of greed and deceit. It is unfortunate that the greed and deceit of a few people not only cost thousands of people their savings, but it also put the good people who try hard and work hard in corporate life in bad light. I know a number of corporate leaders who work exceptional hard for their share holders and yet because of people like some at Enron, their intentions are questioned.


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