Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Time Management/Leadership CD reviewed

I played duplicate bridge tonight. Then a stimulating business call with a friend from Vancover (helps with the time zones) so now I am pumped up.

SYNNEX has hired a time management/organisation consultant, Alex Revai. Of course I am a time and efficiency person. I gave him one of my CDs and here are his uncensored and unsolicited comments:

"Unquestionably, a great tool for anyone, who is motivated to improve their personal productivity. A definition that I like for the latter, is very much in line with your approach:

“Consistently completing Strategic Next Actions that are linked to Meaningful Objectives” (Sally McGhee)

Your tips, for the most part, reflect a well-considered collection of best practices. Goal setting, actions that are linked to and evaluated against those goals, consolidated and prioritized tasks (to-dos), reliance on the powerful features of Outlook, and the wealth of other, practical (and psychological) suggestions make your CD invaluable for those who are motivated to learn and improve.

Having said that, I believe your CD is useful primarily for the innately disciplined and thinking types. Regrettably and increasingly, however, we live in a world, where fewer and fewer people take the time to read, listen to audio or willing to stop (or slow down) and think. TV and visually/orally stimulated people are preconditioned for quick, gut reactions and often, incorrect decisions. Many, if not most, people these days don’t have the patience to read (more than a few sentences), process information or making thoughtful decisions. Everything is artificially accelerated by the speed of technology and communications. It is evident from some of your remarks that you are well aware of these issues and trying to influence your audience to act otherwise.

I found some of your ideas very original (or in any case, some that I haven’t heard or read yet). I enjoyed your creative procrastinating tips very much. I also like the “thinking on paper” and your suggested “breaks and changes” process.

I must admit, that journaling, mantras and thrice a year New Years resolutions may not be for me. I’m not too keen on speed-reading either, and even less so on speed-talking. Especially the latter, I find, contributes to a lot of misunderstanding. (Maybe I’m getting old and my hearing is going?) Mind you, even you suggested to slow down at least for a voicemail, when leaving your phone number or email address. What a waste it is to get voicemails with incomprehensible, slurred, rattled-off phone numbers!

Oh yes, moving closer to work. If only that were so easy! Regrettably, most of my workplaces were hardly closer than about 45 minutes to an hour, one way. Yes, I made good use of the tape players in my car.

All in all, you (and I) can only help (or influence) people, who recognize they have a problem (or problems) and are motivated to do something about it. However, that shouldn’t discourage us from trying. Clearly, it’s a passion for you, as it is for me.

Thanks for sharing your tips with me. It will be my pleasure to recommend it to others."


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