Monday, April 03, 2006

CEO Blog gets press

Long day at Ronson today. Arrived at shortly after 7 and worked until almost 10. Still did not get done what I wanted to.

CEO Blog traffic continues to be fairly high thanks to mentions in my brother Lyle’s blog and an article in REX magazine. I have not seen the paper copy yet but others have.

People certainly have opinions about sleep. My last post generated lots of emails and a few comments. One helpful email suggested I read more on sleep deprivation. Being an equal opportunity blog, I thought I would post the sleep deprivation links that were forwared to me here, here, here and here. Of course later studies seem to show that all the talk about sleep deprivation is a myth.

My days seem busy to the max right now. Performance reviews take added time on top of the usual volume. It does present a good time to talk to some people though. Doing whole company meetings on where we stand and our goals. Continued work on the business and branding plans. Lots of big things happening.


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