Sunday, November 05, 2017

Random thoughts and a free business idea.

Sears Canada is closing for good.  This will leave 74 malls without and anchor tenant (this does not include the 8 Home Stores and 49 Hometown Stores).  These are large retail spaces and it is unlikely there is another retailer big enough to take most of them.  Most established players like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Brick, Best Buy etc already have stores close to most of these. 

So what is the best use for this space?  Likely not retail which is feeling the crunch from online retailers.  The best use is likely some sort of experience based service like a theme park, go kart track, paintball etc.   The space would also make a huge concert hall or live theatre.

The risk is the cost to outfit the space.  And from a business point of view, you would need to figure out likely revenue vs the cost.

Steal this idea and do it.  I do not have the time to implement it (and am not much of a leisure guy so do not really understand what the market wants).
A part of an email I received on Networking:

The trick is keeping connected to your network, establishing mutual respect, general interest, humbleness (no matter how big you get) and a general promise of reciprocity.   (what I’ve observed with the intros you’ve made and the comments about you from those people)
You give more than you ask of people. Your time is very valuable and your knowledge/experience is invaluable to others. 
The network can be easily built nowadays, the responsiveness from your network is not. 

I think your success with your network also has to do with your commitment to your values.   Being yourself day in and day out and holding to your values.  People that have met you 20 years ago say similar things about your character/reputation to people that have met you months ago.  

People are willing to bend for those in their network who are genuine, authentic, who give back, and who they have respect for.

You’ve built that feeling in many people by the choices you’ve made in how you run your companies, interact at functions, philanthropic efforts, etc. 

It sounds scientific but it really is not.  I think it is partly part of personality.

I get some emails that "make my day"  (and sometimes ones that "make it more difficult").  I keep the "made my day" ones.  Sort of an extension of being grateful.
I sent a book to my daughter in the US to save cross border shipping.  My latest grand daughter is planning on writing a review on it.

Having too much fun:

A moving video:


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