Wednesday, June 08, 2011

20/20 Workplace


Jeanne Meister, author of the 20/20 Workplace spoke about the increasing speed of innovation.

1880 - Industrial Revolution
1980 - Computer Revolution
1990 - Internet Revolution
2010 - Information Revolution
Now - Participation Revolution

She spoke about the new employee - the millenials. 20% of them come to work expecting to use their own phone and computer.

The 20/20 workplace will have the following characteristics:

1 - social
2 - gamification (not my word - hers)
3 - mobile

The final panel was on Healthcare. Instead of global warming, this was a panel talking about global aging.

I have an interesting perspective since I only recently immigrated to the US from Canada so I have had exposure to 2 fairly different health care systems. I prefer the Canadian view but do not think the US could implement that system now.

I also tend not to blog on controversial topics since I am sure at least half of my readers would not appreciate my view. I guess one view which is hard to argue with is "people should take care of themselves". As Crowley and Lodge say in their book Younger Next Year, (paraphrased from memory) "you cannot not die but rather than a slow decline, you can remain strong until you die quickly".

One panel comment which I heartily agree with "the movement should be to getting people out of the hospital institution and being cared for at home".


At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Alex Revai said...

You are quoting Jeanne Meister, who describes 2010 as "Information Revolution".

I can't help but thinking (to myself): with all that information, how is it that we are witnessing such an enormous ignorance (as in being un-informed or ill-informed) by a large segment of the population.

Could it be that we, as a society, are utterly unprepared to process all that information?

Information in 140 character long "twits" is a sure recipe for becoming an ignoramus.

We are rapidly becoming a society, that knows less and less about more and more until we will know nothing about everything.


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