Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Other Kind of Smart

I read an awesome book last night by Harvey Deutschendorf "The Other Kind of Smart - Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success".

I loved the book because:

1 - It was packed with lots of quotes which I love. Like "Do not protect yourselves with a fence rather by your friends" Czech Proverb

2 - It had a series of action steps that could be taken to help in the various areas of EQ. The areas he touched on were things like emotional control, flexibility, stress management and optimism. For example, the section on controlling stress included learn meditation, go for walks in nature, go to a funny play or movie. Obvious and simple stuff that we need to be reminded of.

3 - It covers most of the important areas of self development and gives practical suggestions for each area. This is a classic self development book and I like self development books.

4 - There is an underlying optimism in the book that we can all change. We choose to be who we are.

5 - EQ (emotional intelligence) determines success much more than IQ and we can change EQ.

6 - It reinforced what I already know about setting goals.

So it sounds like mostly a repeat of the basics and it is. But it is a good repeat.

One area that would serve me to make changes in is celebration. I am often so driven and feel a sense of urgency that I do not pause. I would like to celebrate my wins more. The book had suggestions like keeping a book of accomplishments, celebrate any win - large or small.

It is well written, simple, easy to understand, fast to read and just about right on in most of its suggestions and ideas.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Jane Rodmyre Payfer said...

I knew a Hungarian woman, years ago, who always said, "We were too poor to afford cheap." It's stuck with me ever since.


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