Friday, December 26, 2008

10 Mile Hamilton Harrier Boxing Day Run

Christmas is done. Friends and family have left. And I still desperately miss Mark.

Today I ran the 10 mile Boxing Day race in Hamilton today. The temperature was perfect at about the freezing mark. Zero is a good temperature except at the start. Waiting to run is cold.

The course was just a bit slippery in places but overall, it was an excellent course.

The race started at 11 which is a bit awkward. To eat a full breakfast or not.

My calves were still sore from a workout I had done with my personal trainer, Taylor Beech. . But within half a mile, they were all stretched and not a problem.

The race was crowded to start like most races. My first mile took almost 9 minutes. I could not get past people (but I do like to start slow). At about the 3 mile mark, the crowd was thinning out so I could run the pace I chose. I was feeling good.

At 5 miles, we were next to the lake. Beautiful but a bit cold when the wind blew. And a bit icy in spots. I was feeling fine but thought perhaps 10 miles was a bit long. I was also thinking "this is Canada - what are we doing runing in miles?" (10K is shorter)

But mile 6, 7 and 8 clicked by. I sped up to try to get a better time. I continually passed people. One at a time. With just 2 miles to go, I repeated "I can do anything for 15 or 16 minutes". So I pushed.

In the end, I finished in 1:21:50 or about 8:11 per mile. I use the Power of 3 goals when I run. One of my goals was to beat 1:20 but one was to beat 1:25 so I accomplished that. One was just to finish.

I use this Power of 3 goals in business as well. In many things I do I set 3 goals. One that I know I can do and a couple that are more of a stretch. Achieving one goal helps prompt more success in other goals.


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Annette said...

I too ran in the race today. Perfect weather, I agree. I was thrilled to finish but had to talk myself through the last 4 miles. Proud to say I have 5 boys and finished 16th for all females and that my 16 year old son came 26th overall and 2nd for males 19 and under. Great to cross the finish line isn't it. Congratulations to you!!

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Ron Edmondson said...

Just started following your blog on Google Reader. This is a good post. I recently finished my first marathon. I like your "power of 3" goals. My goals were to finish, to finish running, and to learn from the experience. I was terrible with my time, but did complete all 3 goals. I'll try another one someday.


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