Monday, May 14, 2007

Spam, Being Available and Passion.

I find often people post a comment on my blog instead of emailing me. Partly because this can be anonymous and partly because they do not know my email address ( Some of the anonymous comments are cutting. One price I pay for success is having so many unidentified people who are often less than tactful in telling me that I do not know how to run a business or what a bad person I am. I look for nuggets of truth in what they say and at the same time, I often find it inspirational as it clarifies my resolve and makes me stick to what is right. In an ironic way, criticism makes me more passionate.

The challenge with publishing my email address more is spam is a huge issue. The shear volume of spams is daunting but when I actually analyse the time to deal with them, it is low. So although the task looks big, it is small. I can deal with 10-20 spams per minute (depending on the speed of my connection). And of course I do have a spam filter but spammers spend their time figuring out how to get around it. What takes time is dealing with real email that I have to read and respond to.

I am up early today but will not be tired because I have passion to get things done. Although nothing is a sleep substitute, passion is the closest thing to it. A close second would be exercise which I will do in about an hour.


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