Monday, May 15, 2006

Reading Lists and What Cops Know

I read a few books on the weekend.

Virtually all of the books that I read are books that are referred to me. The book, "What Cops Know" by Connie Fletcher was referred to me as a marketing book to give insight into human nature. The problem with it of course is that much of the human nature that cops deal with tends to be very negative human nature so I am sure how much of it applies to marketing and behavior.

Perhaps I don’t watch enough TV; however, I found much of it to be very violent although morbidly interesting.

What I did learn from the book is that most cops tend to become fairly jaded and synical because they deal with criminals most of the time. What I learned from this is that I should make sure that I spend time with positive people so that I can appropriately inspire.

Overall, I would not rate this as a must read or even as a marketing or business book. I would call it a recreation read.

My time tip for the day is "reading lists". I keep a list of books to read. I encourage friends to suggest books. I even ask "read any good books lately". I am fortunate enough to have an assistant who reserves books at the library online and picks them up for me. Keeps me in reading.


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