Saturday, March 02, 2019

Being a complete person

Today was my mom's funeral.  It was beautiful and well done.  And family surrounded us adding a special feeling for the day.  I almost feel guilt for the good time we had together in such a time of mourning.  I love spending time with my brothers, cousins, kids, nieces, grandkids etc.

In marketing, we often speak in terms of personas.  Marketing to a specific 50 year old male who likes X.  I realize at times like this that mostly I live in the persona of "business person" or "efficiency person" or "health person" or "constant learner".  I know that is how I present here.

Most of those personas are shallow (but real)

But like all people, I have many aspects.   We are all complete people.  I am not sure people think about that with me.  They see only the business person.

Unrelated but beautiful - I share photos of a trail I walk.  Yes - power of while but mostly beatuty.  Most days I do 2-3 walking meetings on this trail:


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