Monday, February 18, 2019

The Power of While

Today I got a light work out in before my work out at the gym.  I shovelled snow for 20 minutes.   This is a perfect example of the Power of While.  What can you do while you are doing something else.  In this case, I could get the drive shovelled and get a bit of exercise.

Last week the shovelling/chipping ice was more than just a light work out.

My brother, Lyle, who does not "work out" per se builds his life around heavy and physical projects so he gets his exercise (and he actually gets a few more steps in that I do)

I believe it is healthy to spend 20 minutes or more each day outside.

Exercise is one area I use the Power of While in a big way.  I do walking meetings with my staff and people who want to meet with me.  Most walks I do are 30 minutes.  Long enough to get some fresh air - short enough to be efficient.  Walking meetings are also very levelling - not like sitting across a table or a desk.  To some extent - less confrontational.

I will also sometimes get some friend time in by walking with a friend.

Most days I do 2-3 walking meetings.  Some rare days I will do 5 or 6.  I need the breaks anyways and it gives me a bit of exercise, steps for my Fitbit, fresh air and gives me the time to speak to people. 

I use the Power of While while I am driving.  Most of the time, I listen to audiobooks.  I surprise myself how many books I can get through even though most of my driving is short local hops.  Sometimes I will listen to an audiobook while working out at the gym (but usually not)

The Power of While is a time management technique.

A friend emailed me and article "Steve Jobs Practiced This 1 Habit That Triggers Creative Ideas, According to Neuroscience" where it talks about walking being a great way to stimulate creativity.  The article is here,

I just got an Ikea sitdown stand up desk.  What can I go while doing some computer work?  Stand up to be a bit healthier.  I also ordered a 40 pound weight vest but not sure I will wear that often.  Will see how it goes.

Lately I have been thinking about living in the present (something I am not good at).  Wondering if my Power of While hurts that.  Perhaps I should do some things without doing something else at the same time.

Some photos of my new desk, beautiful snow and beautiful grand daughter.



At 3:47 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

Great article Jim. It's amazing what we can do "while" we are driving, walking, exercising. Good luck with the stand up desk and weight vest!!


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