Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Power of 3

There was a video that went viral on my Syrian project.  11,283,000 views so far.  I did not know videos could get that many views.  It spread on Facebook.

One interest side effect - other videos that featured me and this project also got more views.  Pervious videos increased by 200,000 views.

Not even sure why it went viral.  It helps the cause but also creates volume.  If even 0.01% of the people contact me, that is over 1,000 contacts.  I try to respond to most of them but...


I took a day out this week for a YPO HBS (Harvard) seminar this week by Boris Groysberg.  He was excellent.  Entertaining and challenging.  Prior to the day, we had homework (cases to read and questions to answer on them)

I always like taking a day out of my usual routine.  I wrote down a ton of ideas - many of them not directly associated with what was being covered.  My mind just goes into "thinking/imagination mode".

Not sure everyone at Danby Appliances appreciates it since I come back with a mass of questions/suggestions.

Spending some time on self development is a best practise that I highly recommend.


NY Times had an article a while ago about exercise.    Did not particularly like the title on best exercise for aging muscles since I am not aging.  The gist of it was - high intensity interval training is best (I do that), weight training is very good (I do some) and regular intensity exercise (I do lots) is still good.

Bottom line is what I always know - exercise is good.


The Power of 3

My to do list is a page long (and I use a small font).  I was listening to a book recently - The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey while driving that suggested a great time management tip that I have incorporated into my routine.

Every night decide what 3 things I hope to accomplish the next day.  Last night, for me, it was simply  -get caught up on my email (I was way behind), work out and do a blog (yes I feel guilty when I do not blog).  Then first thing in the morning say "what 3 things do I want to accomplish today" and figure out how to slot them in your day.

The key for me is to pick things that are big enough to move me forward but small enough to accomplish.  Gaining that balance took a bit of time.  I am one of those people who thinks I can get more done in a day than I can.

This simple practise has moved me forward.  Try it.



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