Thursday, March 02, 2017

Lent - Buy Lettuce

Lent made me think.  "not doing something is a decision and can often have more impact than actually doing something".  We make decisions by lack of action.

It is interesting that people give things up for lent and not take up doing something new.

Either can have a positive effect.  Give up eating sugar or add lettuce to every meal (yum - goes great on oatmeal).  Give up alcohol or take up drinking more water.  Give up wasting time watching TV, take up research and study on a new topic.  Give up fried foods or eat more lettuce (As you can likely tell, I am long on lettuce and trying to start a run on it so my lettuce stocks go up)

The Telegraph already reported on the shortage of salad ingredients on February 3rd.  I must have a leak in my blogging organization that tipped someone off that I was doing this post.

Most "stop doings" have a "start doing" that would have similar effect.


I have a grand daughter (yes hard to believe).   My daughter was explaining the concept to giving something up for lent.  She thought about and said "I am going to give up wearing clothes for lent".

I wonder if she will speak to me when she is 16 and this blog is still out there for the whole world to see.


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