Thursday, February 23, 2017

You Priorities or Other People's Priorities

Someone said "Your in box is a convenient way for others to put things on your priority list".  I am finding this.  My email volume is incredible.  So my natural inclination is to figure out how to process it all efficiently.  Questions I have and some thoughts:

1 - Should I politely reply to every enquiry?  I try to do this now.  Or just delete?

2 - I like to triage.  Scan for things that need dealing with and leave other things.  I am wondering if leaving those other things for a few days might make them go away.

3 - Something in me causes stress when my in box is not at zero by the end of the day.  But I know that is "self stress" - stress that I cause myself.  Should I meditate or do email?

4 -Spam really does not bother me much.  I can delete 100 emails in a few minutes.  What takes time are the long emails I need to really read and the ones that require my action.

Net conclusion.  I am going to be a bit ruder to be a bit saner.


“According to the National Floral Marketing Institute, men under the age of 35 spend $30 on flowers for Valentine’s Day while, simultaneously, men between the ages of 45 and 60 spend 350% more. The kicker… There’s no difference in the flowers. A 350% increase in revenue simply by targeting the right segment of the market.”

I am always fascinated by marketing and this is genius market segmentation.


I don't recall my older brother playing this nice with me - or for that matter me playing that nice with my younger brothers.  How is he going to grow up tough?

 And why is Xavier not smiling?  Because smiling is not allowed on passport photos.  I guess they figure if you are enduring the hassles of travel you sure won's be smiling.


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