Sunday, January 22, 2017

Brother's Weekend

I am just off a weekend with my brothers.  This is a 25+ year tradition.  We get together and solve the problems of the world (so it was a tough weekend), predict the future and then figure out how to influence it.   I actually ended up with too many things on my to do list from it.

And of course we have a lot of laughs, walk and play some cards.

We always miss my brother Mark who died in Dec 2008.  He was the one who started the idea of brother's weekend.  My other brothers are funny but Mark was hilarious.  He liked to have sport with us.

We grew up without TV but on occasion would see some somewhere.  He told me Road Runner had a foul mouth which is why they had all the beeps.  The show was a poor depiction of wildlife because road runners run at a top speed of 20 MPH compared to coyotes at 45 MPH.  Good to know what we spend our valuable time contemplating...

I am finding the sand and pebbles in my life are consuming too much of my time.  This is a concept pushed by Stephen Covey.  Some videos that best explain the concept here and here.  The little things for me are mostly email and calls.  But bigger time costs are meetings.

The big rocks for me would be strategy and planning and to some extent some of the marketing initiatives.

Because of Brother's Weekend, I am late getting through my emails.  I have developed a poor habit of leaving some email to clean up on the weekend and fairly consistently needing a few hours of weekend time to get caught up.

Proper use of weekend time should be on the big rocks or complete relaxation.

Of course I get more sand and pebbles even on the weekend.

Feeling tired but I figure if Josh and Xaview can work out, so can I.  Bet you have never seen a treadmill backward crawl.  I assume it is a new exercise he found on the internet.  I should try it.


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