Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Linkedin as a selling tool

One of the best ways to learn is to teach.  Another great way to learn is to write about something.

I am a big advocate of Linkedin as a selling tool.  So, one of my Danby marketing people is moving to a sales role.  So I suggested she teach a seminar on how to use Linkedin.  Then a book came across my desk and I suggested she write a review on it.  The following is her review:

Looking for ways to build your own leads and sales pipeline? LinkedIn the Sandler Way and LinkedIn Sales Solutions recommend social selling done the right way as the non-adversarial way to go.

Linkedin is about making the right connections.  Easy to do - simply search for them and do an honest and personal outreach to them.  Then adding value but sending 90% value added updates for the benefit of the reader.  Add value first.

What is social selling?
There are various definitions to “social selling”. But as LinkedIn simply puts it, social selling is about leveraging your professional social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.

Many sales professionals struggle with the task of social selling… but why?  Most organizations and sales professionals think that they can succeed in Social Selling by leveraging  a few sales professionals who skim the surface by setting up LinkedIn accounts, share content here and there, and do some prospecting. But organizations and sales professionals are doing so without coordination or consistency.

The Sandler Training and LinkedIn Sales solution works to close the gap that many organizations and sales professionals struggle with.  In LinkedIn the Sandler Way, Sandler Training and LinkedIn Sales Solutions team up to share 25 secrets to uncover big ideas from prospecting and selling online without having to be a LinkedIn “wizard”!

Sandler Training and LinkedIn Sales Solutions encourage organizations and sales professionals to follow the 9 Commandments of Social Selling to make it easier to become an affective prospector:

1. Provide a solution that doesn't involve buying anything.

If you really want to show sales prospects you care, put your experience to work on a problem that doesn’t have a sales solution. Wouldn't it be great if your prospects were asking how they could buy from you, instead of you asking them to buy?

2. Be mindful of their time when sharing content.

Keep it simple. Status updates, blog posts, and InMail messages require brevity to be effective. A great tool for sharing content is Hootsuite. You can pre-set your updates and timing for these updates, continuously staying in your prospects news feed, 

3. Send a detailed agenda in advance of your meetings.

Tell your prospects what will happen in the meeting, and what you both expect to accomplish – set an agenda. Nothing is more feared by prospects than a salesperson wasting their time with a boring presentation.

4. Make your demos specific to the prospect's problem.

A buyer-centric demo is more useful and less boring for the buyer, which means it’s more likely to elicit a favourable response.

5. Lead with insights.

When reaching out to a prospect, start the conversation with insights you have learned from LinkedIn and something your prospect cares about.

6. Make your prospect look good.

There is no dislike button on LinkedIn. Make sure you are sharing updates and posts that are positive and make your clients and prospects look good when they like and share it.

7. Make them feel understood.

Listening is the most important thing you can do on LinkedIn. Take the time to listen to what they hope to gain from a purchase or what hurdles they are facing.

8. Share their content without pressure to reciprocate.

By liking and sharing your prospect's updates, you show them you are paying attention and listening. Everyone notices who likes and shares their posts, especially who comments.

9. Play matchmaker.

Use the broad network you’ve built to spot people who aren’t connected yet but could mutually benefit from being introduced. Seek to make introductions that are mutually beneficial, and more introductions will come your way.

To receive a free copy of LinkedIn the Sandler Way, please visit https:/


And some Halloween pics.  I told them they did not looks scary to me but...


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous CEO CV said...

LinkedIn can be used as a proactive selling tool, especially as LinkedIn can be used for researching potential targets (key contacts and capture plans). Equally, sales are often very much down to the person behind the sale so a well written, targeted and engaging LinkedIn profile can make the difference. Having more information about the person behind the sale often makes it easier to clinch a sale. (i.e. notion of a known quantity via relevant contacts and networked with other people in the same sector). LinkedIn can be seen as creating a value proposition or sales proposition for attracting and engaging with potentisl clients. Regards, Nick

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

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