Wednesday, March 04, 2015

And then there were 4 (Grandkids that is)

I am not really a graphics designer.  I certainly have no training in the field.  So I suspect I break most design rules.

That is why Creative Anarchy - How to Break the Rules of Creative Design for Creative Success appealed to me.

This summary is from one of my writers at DDE.

Denise Bosler’s “Creative Anarchy" is a helpful and engaging read on modern graphic design. 

The text is cleverly divided into Bosler’s two fundamental principles of the subject: learning the rules and breaking the rules. Bosler is adamant that graphic designers need to be both rigorously unique and business savvy to achieve success within the evolving industry. 

“Creative Anarchy” is wonderfully colourful and beautiful composed; any person need simply flip through the many pages of high-resolution imagery to appreciate the ever-increasing artistic value of the medium. Plenty of historically successful design projects are scattered throughout the text, with Bosler explaining the commonalities between them that up-and-coming graphic designers should find extremely helpful in furthering their own careers.

 Perhaps the only gripe that I have with the text is that it might not be very accessible to readers unfamiliar with the concept of graphic design, although the fantastic imagery throughout the book should keep them entertained regardless. 

For those interested in pursuing a career in the field, however, “Creative Anarchy” is definitely a must-read.


There is an interesting article on companies co-founding startups.  This makes logical sense to me.  Starting a company with a company as a co-founder would bring competitive advantage.


One of my investments - has a new website.  They do change order management for construction projects.  You mean people make changes after they start their projects?


Warren Buffet claims to eat like a 6 year old after studying the mortality rates and finding theirs are low.  Lots of Coke and candy.

Wondering if he perhaps has a conflict of interest with his investment in Coke and See's Candy.


My step daughter, Jennifer and her husband Mario had a baby girl on the weekend.

Seems babies are popping up everywhere.


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