Monday, December 09, 2013

Wasp Productivty

Random thoughts:

I am just back from Calgary where it is cold (like -30 degrees C or -22 F).   A 6 or 8 block walk from the hotel to my meetings reminded me of early mornings of my youth.  It also remined me on how fortunate we are to have heat and clothes.

I was at a Hatsize board meeting (one of the companies Canrock has invested in).  Hatsize sells training and hands on labs for IT certification training.

I have been amused by Diane Francis view that Canada should become the 51st state.  Good article on it here.  I know both countries well and simply to not see this working.  What I do see working is closer integration and less border.

Not sure I will read her book - Merger of the Century - Why Canada and the US should Become One Country.

And an interesting blog post on 6 Lessons Every Small Business Owner should Know.    The only one have have not been good at is number 6 - sign the contract before beginning.  I try to do business with honorable people and have done millions of $ of business on a conversation. 

And what do wasps do in the winter?  They watch TV and play on the internet of course. 

I took this picture on the house next to my parents where you can clearly see their internet connection coming it.


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