Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Business Needs an Angle

 Some interesting stuff:

An article on Medium on the next big thing(s).

I enjoy Bob Sutton's blogs.

I am finding the Facebook entry into video ads interesting.

And Startup trends.

I love my new Fitbit.  I always tracked (using paper) the workouts I did.  What gets measured, gets done.  Despite being a tech guy, I often dislike gadgets but I love this one.


I have the good fortune to be involved in a number of businesses so get to see what works.  Consistently I see businesses have success when they have an angle.  I have long been a proponent of niche which could be another way of saying having a unique angle. 

Selling identical product to a competitor means usually means it comes down to price.  But if your offering is unique or niche, it becomes more of a battle for value.

The ideal angle is something your business can uniquely do.  Something that you have competitive advantage in.  I repeatedly push businesses to have competitive advantage. 

My granddaughter, Victoria, listens well to business advice but I think she got confused and thought we needed an angel.


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