Monday, November 25, 2013

JFK - 50 years after

I am not a JFK worshiper and hardly even follow American politics (until recently when I moved to the US).   But he clearly had a lasting impact on America.   And it is the 50th anniversary of his death.

So I read a short eBook on Kennedy.  Kennedy Baby - the Loss the Transformed JFK by Steven Levingston.

Of course the loss was speaking of Patrick Kennedy who lived only 2 days.

It was captivating in morbid sort of way.   The loss of a child is tough for anyone but doubly so for a couple that was so solidly in the national spotlight.  Jackie and JFK had a tough family.

It centered mostly on his family life - not his politics.  

I learned that Jackie was a painter.  I did not know that (I always like books where I learn something new).

There was a ton of research put into the book.  It was well written.  Good quick read.


At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw this book as a top-seller on Kindle. Definitely worth reading. When there's so much out about the assassination, it's good to learn about a different aspect of JFK's like. Fast read.


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