Monday, October 28, 2013

Brilliant or False Advertising?

I pass a nursery on the way home that has a "U Pick Pumpkin" sign out.  I know what a U Pick is.  You go into the field where the pumpkins grow and pick your own pumpkin.  This one is hilarious though.  The U Pick is you go into a parking lot and choose from the dozens of sorted pumpkins.

Perhaps the grocery store should have a sign "U Pick Bananas" because the same theory applies.

The place does a huge business so I stopped - always fascinated by successful businesses.  There - I saw a poster that bragged of "No Admission".  Why on earth would a U Pick charge admission.  I guess on the other hand, Costco seems to get away with it.

They also offered hayrides.  The hay bales were in plastic bags!

Anyways - I thought the whole thing was funny... and genius.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Justin said...

Hahaha that's funny Jim :)


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