Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The University in Your Car

I was recently asked how the make the best of commuting so came up with my top 7 things to do in the car list.

Of course, the first and most important is to focus on the road and the cars.  No amount of increased productivity is worth an accident.  So of course use voice commands, blue tooth, etc.  And the best safety tip is to drive conservatively (as in with traffic and not too fast and keep your distance).

1 -  Listen to business books.   Brian Tracey , one of the fathers of personal development and a very prolific author, talks about the university in your car.   I have found even with a short commute to work, I can get through a lot of books fairly quickly.  Get a library card, get subscriptions.  Start listening now.

2 - Strengthen  your hands with a simple squeeze ball or one of the many grippers on the market.  Commuting often cuts into workout time so getting just a bit never hurts.

3 - Make sales calls or schedule conference calls.   I find nothing kills a long drive like a long call.

4 - Stay in touch with friends.  Make a list of people you would like to keep in touch with and call them. 

5 - Invest in a simple dictaphone or digital voice recorder to make notes.   I do not like recording long messages - just a few words to jog my memory.

6 - One thing that can suffer for commuters is diet.  Drink a homemade smoothy.  Easy to make with yogurt, fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apple or apple sauce etc) some oatmeal, chia seeds (the new wonder food - high in omega 3),  tofu, and anything else healthy put through the blender.

7 - Sip some longevity broth.  I make this with simple herbs from the garden - cut up and pour boiling water on them.  Right now I am enjoying basil and chives mostly but I also enjoy a bay leaf, rosemary and just about any other herb.

Habits work best with just a bit of planning.  Plan before your commute and the habits will easily slip into place.

Imagine the power of a 2 hour daily commute when even just a few of these habit are put into place.


And the grand kids are growing:


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