Monday, September 30, 2013

Profit From the Positive

Time Management Tip of the Day:

On the weekend, I had a large project I wanted to tackle.  Something that might take 6 hours uninterrupted time.  But I had a few calls scheduled.  And an appointment.  Things that broke up my days.  So, I did not start the big project.

I have noticed this in other areas as well.  It can be difficult to get productivity from small time slots.

So my tip for the day:

1 - Break big projects down if possible.  Often there are small parts of big projects that can be done.

2 - Have a list of "instant" tasks and small items that can be knocked off when you have a few moments.

On the weekend, I read Profit from the Positive - Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business by Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin.

It is a positive book that serves as a valuable reminder.

It makes the point that positive psychology is not the same as positive thinking.

"In tough times, learners beat experts".  I have long been a learner and really encourage those around me to be the same.  School and a degree are only the start.  Be a life long learner.

I loved the time management ideas covered in the first chapter.   They made the point that just do it is not always best - just plan it is better and often more productive.  An interesting study was cited.  Students who said they wanted to complete a project were successful when they included when and where they would do the project.  This compared to other students who also wanted to do the project be were less definite on when and where.  I know I use that technique with working out.  I plan it - then I do it.

They also talked about the Zeigaravik effect.  Just starting something often creates success.  Again, this is a habit that works for me.  Using the same workout example - if I show up at the gym - I work out.

They talked about the balance between short and long term.  Often the big results come from the long term but much more time and focus is spent on the short term.

There was also a good section on meetings that is worth reading for anyone who runs meetings.

Good book - worth reading.


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