Thursday, September 12, 2013

Privacy and Security

In the past couple of weeks, someone hacked my email and spammed my contacts.   Most peoples' virus checkers flagged it but not all.  It was very discouraging.

So I have been thinking about privacy and security online.  Some of the things I do and tips include:

1 - Change passwords often.  This is a pain so I use a game of incorporating the date into the new password.  Helps my fading memory.

2 - Invent a fake birthday.  I do this so when the security question comes up, I know but it is not my real birthday (so it means my mom will have difficulty stealing my passwords)

3 - I try to take care in public places but unfortunately, I do still use public networks.  It is now a way of life.

4 - I still use Blackberry - the best device security still.

5 - Do not use the same password on multiple sites.  This one is tough since there are so many sites and limited memory.  One trick is to change it a bit based on the site.  But even this will be broken over time.

6 - For important stuff, I use a cryptocard but this require synchronization with the site.  So it works with things like eTrade. 

News from some of the companies:

Thrive Metrics has a new website and a new CEO.

Primal Fusion has a new website

And some thought provoking stuff:

Daniel Pink's Ted talk

Denise Marek's blog on equality.

And the blog of a young blogger book reviewer who wants some teen readers.

And a picture of my favourite granddaughter:


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