Friday, September 06, 2013

In Search of Productivity - the Billion $ Sales Person

My latest fashion statement courtesy of Cole and Parker.


I met a person today who can sell $1 Billion in a month.  How do I know this?  He made a $1 million sale in only 12 minutes.  So assuming he works a 50 hour week, that is a billion dollars in a month.

A great hockey player scores 20 goals in a season.  The average play lasts less than 2 minutes.  So a great hockey player is only productive for 40 minutes per year.  Imagine the power if they could even be productive for an hour.

Our problem is we need more productive hours - not just more hours. 

The gist of time management is to maximize the productivity because there is no way to gain more time (except perhaps living well).


And a great and inspiring video by the self made billionaire founder of Spanx.  She claims her success was caused by her failure to get into law school. 

I always advocate failure as a way to learn.  Fail often, Fail Fast, Fail Cheap.  She looks at failure more as sending you down a different path and often finding that different path is a great one.

The real message is to not fear failure.


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