Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Perfection vs. Speed

More companies fail from perfection than speed.

I like perfect but often good enough is good enough.

Often taking something from 90% to 100% takes as much time as taking it from 0 to 90%. 

Often the users, readers, buyers, etc do not value the extra 10% and in some cases do not even notice it.  This does not mean I believe in sloppiness, carelessness or shoddy work. 

Just do it.

I read Leading Successful Change - 8 Keys to Making Change Work by Greg Shea and Cassie Solomon.  

Of course I know change will happen.  And I generally like change because it presents opportunity.  I believe in being adaptable. 

Some points:

 - focus on behaviors
 - foster the right environment for the positive to happen
 - persist and repeat.  It take persistence to bring good change.

The book talks about the 8 levers of change:

1 - Organization.  Structure.
2 - Workplace design.  Lay things out for success.
3 - Task - have the right processes
4 - People - select properly and coach, train and mentor.
5 - Rewards - people do what is rewarded.
6 - Measure
7 - Information
8 - Decision allocation.  Who decides what.

The book is short (92 pages) and well laid out so it is more likely that non-readers would also read it.  Great little book.


This is a picture I took on my Blackberry on Feb 27 while in Canada.  Beautiful weather.  I even like shoveling snow (I call it a useful workout)


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