Friday, March 22, 2013

Inspired People Produce Results

 I had an interesting conversation today about the Dunbar number.  This is the maximum number of people that you can have ongoing social interaction with.  I suspect people who have a higher number, have more business success.  So one goal should be to develop systems and process to increase that number.


Jeremy Kingsley wrote a book - Inspired People Produce Results - How Great Leaders use Passion, Purpose and Principles to Unlock Incredible Growth.

I was hooked from reading the title.  Intuitively, I know inspired people produce.

Kingsley has chapters on 10 leadership concepts that create the inspiration:

1 - What do leaders do - inspire.  Things like having a plan and being an optimist help.

2 - What Inspires - Passion (and this is contagious)

3 - Purpose.  I think this is important for people and companies.

4 - Loyalty.  I am surprised how rare this seems to be these days.

5 - Caring.  He related how Shackleton became such a great leader.  It told of Shackleton allowing one of his crew who had terrible sciatica to use his berth on the stranded ship and how Shackleton would serve that injured crew member.

7 - Understanding.  Get to know people.  Ties to the Dunbar number I mentioned earlier.

8 - Patience  - I have some of this but also a great sense of urgency.

9 - Communication.  He told the cute story of Bubba and his friend went hunting.  The friend fell down and was not moving.  Bubba thought he was dead so called 911.  The operator said "First - make sure he is dead".  So Bubba says - hold on a second.  Then there is a bang.  Bubba comes back on.  "He is - now what".

10 - Integrity.  This should not be rare but sometimes is.

I liked some of the personal stories he spread throughout.  It added interest and "personal" which added readability.

I loved it.  Short and simple and every point was valid.


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Alastair Macartney said...

Very interesting. Inspiration coupled with strong interpersonal skills and being able to quickly grasp complicated issues and simplifying them are absolutely critical for strategic leaders.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

This is great topic!

I used to think "inspiring" people are like car salesman that have bombastic speech. I still think that is a component but a small one. I am inspired by people who...

*Work harder than me
*Don't give up
*Can admit when they are wrong
*Truly listen to your thoughts
*Care about your overall happiness as a person even outside the workplace


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