Sunday, February 03, 2013

Three Simple Steps

 I have been catching up on my reading yesterday and today.

I re-read 168 Hours.  A book on time management.  What it reminded me is "the greatest impact comes from doing then things you are best at".    It also inspired me to start using my time tracker log sheets again.  My Amazon Review is here.
I read "Three Simple Steps - A Map to Success in Business and Life" by Trevor Blake.

He is highly successful and seems comfortable with himself which makes him easier to learn from.

His first step he calls mastering his mentality.  This is controlling how he thinks of the world.  Mastering his reaction to situations.

One of his steps is meditation or being still daily.  He give numerous examples of the power of this.  I believe in this step but knowing something is good and doing it are different things.  I have tried this on an off but have not made it a habit (although I am thinking about it).  Perhaps I will do that while I run or cycle.

And I could tell you the third step but it hardly seems fair to spoil the book.

Any book that can distill and simplify is a good book.    For me, I always thought success came by having daily success habits and hundreds of tiny micro things that I do.  Simplifying does make it easier to remember and therefore easy to do.  And in keeping with 168 Hours, does focus on the greatest impact.

I also read "Get Your Shift Together - How to Think, Laugh and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and Life" by comedian switched to motivational speaker Steve Rizzo.

His thesis is success is being happy.  So the primary goal in life is happiness according to Rizzo.  Using that philosophy, he would say the reason I like the achieve is it makes me happy.  Or the reason I like to see young entrepreneurs thrive is it makes me happy.

Much of his book is about shifting your attitude to reacting positively to what happens in life.  Hence the title - Shift.

And being a retired comedian (who worked with the who's who of comedy like Ellen DeGeneres, Eddy Murphy etc), he suggests humour is part of the key to happiness and keeping the right attitude.

Two books - different approaches but both suggesting attitude and mastering mentality is what it is all about.

I am following closely the BlackBerry 10 release on my Daily BB10 reports.  I did notice the sentiment declined a bit (and so did the stock price).  But overall sentiment seems good.

My son David with his nephew (my grandson) Josh.


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