Thursday, February 14, 2013

21st Century Management

I read a book last night by Mats Lindgren - 21st Century Management - Leadership and Innovation in the Thought Economy.

It is a book about how business needs to operate in the transparent internet environment.

It speaks about the future strategist.  A high level person who knows and covers all disciplines.  Although I never thought of myself in those terms, I do know, I was very interdiscipline.  I think starting from zero means you have your hand in everything so as you grow, that still continues.

Lindgren is CEO of Kairos - a future strategist company in Norther Europe.  So he should know a bit about future strategy.

Some of his approach is "consultant" like.  He does try to frame a process around future strategy.  Clearly anything that can be done to do that, adds value.

 I like books like this one with lots of quotations throughout.  I helps me fill my Twitter stream.  


The NY Times had an interesting article on "slow down - get more done".  Interesting idea (assuming I got the gist of it from speed reading it).

And of course no Time Management Blog would be complete without a time management tip.  The best way to clear snow is to hire the sun.  And the sun is doing a good job today. 


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