Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Sentiment

BlackBerry 10 launched today

There has been lots written about it so not for me to share anything new.  Lots of apps, lightning fast surfing etc.  The device looks like a winner - but will it be?

I think the next 90 days will tell.   I often see products that sell lots in the first few week - this is normal early adopter.  Then the sales either grow exponentially or fizzle.  Largely depending on how well the market accepts the product.

I think RIM is either a $4 stock or a $100 stock and much of it depends on how BB10 does.

One of the companies Canrock Ventures has invested in in General Sentiment - a company that reads all of the internet - blogs, tweets, news, web pages every day and determines if people are saying good or bad things about a product or company.

They are doing a Daily BB10 Report so active investors can see what the public is really saying.

It will be interesting.


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