Monday, September 03, 2012

Social Marketology

I read a great book - Social Marketology - Improve Your Social Media Processes and Get Customers to Stay Forever.  I liked the book even if I do not think we need more words in the English language.  I also think great marketers should be great writers so should know how to use the words we have.

I have a high interest in marketing and branding and think social media is one of the most economical ways to market.  Social media also changes the way brands interact and are created, built up or destroyed.  The power is now in the hands of the masses.  So brands beware. 

Social Marketology talks about 3 parts of social media strategy - Claiming Real Estate, Creating Policy and Monitoring. 

There is a section on influence.  And it correctly notes that it is tremendously complex.  Influencers for one product may have no impact on another.  The holy grail in social media marketing is trying to find the people with the influence over the topics that influence the brand.  Klout is trying to measure this.  I previously wrote about how to improve Klout.  There is still a long way to go.

Marketology emphasizes that it is important not to just focus on the super influencers (like Oprah or Obama) and the power of the "medium" and "small" influencers can add up.

There is a section on discovering the intersection of what products people are interested in.  EG - people who buy a certain type of high end shoes like expensive cupcakes.

Canrock Ventures has an investment in a company - General Sentiment that monitors and interprets consumer reaction to brand.   General Sentiment does the linking - people who watch Mad Men talk about BMWs etc. 

Interesting book. 


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