Friday, August 10, 2012

Leadership By Choice

I have a rule I try to follow.  Only blog when I upbeat.  I figure who would want to read depressing or complaining stuff.  They just read the newspaper if they want that.

The minor complaint for the day.  My flight was cancelled and now my standby flight is delayed.  Travel delays are not fun.

But travel delays are minor in the big picture.  One of my friends - David Thompson died.  He wrote a best seller - Blueprint to a Billion.  One of his 7 essentials was to have a board member who was an experienced Billion dollar CEO and since I qualified, I always felt rapport.  I sat on the Primal Fusion board with him.  He will be missed.

Fast company had an interesting article on rules of social media.   Lots of interesting quotes.  It starts with "would a real person speak that way".  Other comments like "User experience gets worse as the number of ads increase" (As monetization attempts go up, consumer experience goes down.)

Don't try to be clever, be clever.

Interesting article and interesting way to present it.


 I read an interesting book - Leadership by Choice - Increasing Influence & Effectiveness Through Self Management by Eric Papp.

It is a classic self help book with a focus on the leader. 

It starts with a chapter on communication and of course that started with listening.  I know in my heart I can only learn from listening and I continue to remind myself to listen better.  It has some hints and trick on this.

It gets into teams and leadership including speaking of leading different generations.  I must say I would not like to be in the cohort labelled the entitlement generation (and no worry - I am far from that agewise).  I think to some extent we become what we are labelled.  Anyways - it had tips on managing them.

I liked the chapter on "Prioritize for Productivity".  It covered all the time management stuff that I know but always need to be reminded of. 

Good book.  Fast read.  Really quite inspirational.


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