Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When a holiday is not a holiday

Just a week and a bit ago, I was on the Pacific ocean watching bald eagles, sea lions, whales, and harbour seals.  It was pristine wilderness.  Now I am back in the business race.

Most white collar workers - especially entrepreneurs can not really take a holiday.  The emails, calls and volume does not stop just because they go away.  At best they can plan a bit for it.  I am convinced this is why many of us take our email with us (so the volume is less when we return)

And for me, I often do holidays that tire me out more than usual.  EG on my Haida Gwaii fishing holiday, I was up most days by 5:30 and never even done dinner before 10:30.  And travel is also more tiring for some reason than the activity would seem.

I found after my fishing trip, it took me a week to dig out of the things that were not done because I was away.  Fortunately, it was 4th of July week so normal volume was low.  So I did get on top of things.

So what is the lesson?  I am not sure - perhaps plan life with a few more "spaces" so there is more time?

For true relaxation, I need to learn to leave the buzz behind when I vacation.

Now Josh on the other hand seems to have no problem staying on top of his work.   And yes the flowers are big (it is Butchart Gardens in Victoria where he went for a holiday with his parents)


At 10:13 PM, Anonymous J.D. Meier said...

I agree -- plan a life with more "spaces.'

Also, I've learned to appreciate the concept of "productizing" ourselves. One strategy is to invest more in building information products to make a living in our digital economy. They scale better than selling our time. It's a way to free ourselves from the daily grind, but it has to be a choice ... a strategic choice.


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