Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do the Most Important Thing First Thing

I heard once and practiced for years "do the worst thing first thing".  I credited that habit to my success. I even created 2 and sometimes 3 first things - first thing in the morning and first thing after lunch.  That habit started because often the worst thing required me to speak to someone and I often started my day before people were available.

I would have rules like I would only spend 15 minutes doing it.  Partly this was to reduce the dread factor of getting into it.  I can do anything for 15 minutes.  And of course in 90% of the cases, I would either finish the task in 15 minutes or stick with it longer than the 15 minutes and get it done.

I have also made a habit of examining why I think something is the worst thing and devising ways of not having to do it in the future or making it easier to do.

Lately, I have decided to change this habit to "Do the most important thing first thing".  What I was finding was what I thought was the worst thing was actually administrative and fairly unimportant.  Does not have the same poetic ring to it but I suspect it will have better results.

And the creative marketing idea of the day goes to one of my investee companies - Soletron.  The founder/CEO, A. J. Steigman, is a chess master and he has challenged  billionaire chess master Peter Thiel to a $1,000,000 invest in my company match.  It is getting tons of press everywhere.

And speaking of press, my son, David of Estill Energy had an editorial published in the Mercury.  Of course the article is on energy.

A young friend, Dan Hammill,  just visited from Alberta and shared with my SEO company some ideas on video marketing.  Dan is only 20 but has a Youtube channel that has had an impressive 3,000,000 views!  Check out his recent video.


At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your 15 minute rule! I too do the worst thing first and dread it terribly. This really helps. Thank you for that!

I'm sure you've heard the Mark Twain quote, but I'll post it for others:

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”
― Mark Twain


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