Monday, February 13, 2012

Be Zen for Focus

Often I find my mind racing.

My new See Do Time Management System where I just do something when I see it works well on tidying and cleaning but is actually less efficient in many cases. EG - If I see that the dashboard needs dusting so whip inside to grab a damp rag and wipe it. This is less efficient that getting a bucket and detergent and doing the whole inside.

Why it does work well for tidiness and cleaning is often the time used would not have been productively spent anyways.

The See Do system is sort of like the time management trick "always leave a room just a bit neater/cleaner than when you arrived".

Excellent time management requires more focus than See Do. So I am working on being more zen when I work.
I read a great book with a title that really resonated with me "Real Leaders Don't Boss" by Ritch Eich. The subtitle is Inspire, Motivate, and Earn Respect From Employees and Watch Your Organization Soar.

The gist of the book is captured in the title. I have long suggested that leaders ask not tell. And inspire - not demand. Doing this though is tremendously subtle. What is the how of how to do it? This book attacks just this problem.

I particularly liked the chapter on "Real Leaders know the difference between character and integrity". Character is about values and our moral compass. Integrity is about doing what you say you will do. Both are critical leadership traits.

It is a good book that should be a must read for any leader. My wonder is if the ones that will read it are the ones that do not need to and the ones that should read it don't.

This book is a bit like "Its all about Leadership" that I blogged about on the Canrock Ventures blog.

And as leisure reading, I read "It Happened on the way to War". An outstanding book about a marine who started an NGO in one of the worst slums in Africa. It is a page turner.
And in the Canrock world, one of our newest investee companies launched LoadnVote. It is similar to Honestly Now as it is an online site that people would spend time on for entertainment and interest (like Youtube).
I am not much of a music person and do not even follow pop culture but of course I heard that Whitney Houston died. It is tragic when someone young (she was 48) dies in any circumstance. Unfortunately in her case, it no doubt had to do with not beating her drug addiction problem.



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Good article. Interesting and ironical.


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