Monday, January 30, 2012

YPO in Panama

I am just back from a YPO event in Panama. I had never been there. Interesting country.

If I were to invest in Latin America (and I do not - lots of business close to home), Panama would be my choice. They have only 3.5 million people and have a canal that delivers $3.6 Billion in revenue which keeps the economy stimulated. And the Billion in profit goes to pay for education and other government services.

And Panama signed a neutrality pact which means they cannot have any navy or military so there is no tax to fund that.

Only downfall might be the differences in income from lower to upper class and proximity to drug economies.

It was a great holiday.


And no blog is complete without a picture of my grandson, Josh.

Interesting article on Interest Networking on Primal Fusions' blog. It is a trend that I think is important. (and I have put my money where my mouth is and have invested in Primal)

And the "good habit" of the day. Never shower without breaking a sweat first. I find I can do this in a few minutes. (or will this rule just mean people shower less)


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