Monday, January 23, 2012

Management Tips

We finally got a bit of snow. It is beautiful. And grandson Josh continues to flourish. He does quite an ab workout (I tried doing it). Lying on his back and kicking his feet and hands. It is tough.

I read a neat little book by Harvard Business Review that is just called Management Tips. It is divided into 3 sections - Managing Yourself, Managing Your Team and Managing Your Business. Each page is a short stand alone tip. There are about 200 tips. An example:

"Be Confident But Not Really Sure.

One of the keys to effective decision making is confidence. Even if you only have temporary convictions, act on them. If you doubt your decision while making it, trust in your leadership may erode. Strong opinions signal confidence and provide others with the guidance they need. But resist the urge to stick to your decision. Have the humility to realize that you might be wrong if better information comes along. And be prepared to change your mind and correct your course if this happens."

Like all things you read, it all needs to be filtered. My observation on this tip is:

1 - I agree with being definite and deciding and being fast.
2 - I also think there needs to be good research and preparation in advance to help the right decision up front. I see leaders who change their minds too often as ineffective.
3 -I believe in humility.

Have a great day.


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