Monday, January 16, 2012

How to get Over Writers' Block

One of my most viral posts of all time was "How to Write and Article in 20 Minutes" which was read well over 1,000,000 times. I used to write more about writing so thought I would do another one on the topic.

Speaking of going viral, my second most viral post "60 Minutes to Clear Goals" was also plagiarized hundreds of times. Not sure why that one was and the other was not.

I have not blogged for a couple of weeks here so feel guilty and must have writers' block.

Some days I am so full of good ideas (at least in my own mind) that I worry I cannot capture them all. I even jot notes so not to miss them. Other times, I cannot even think of what to write. I know many writers (and that is not really what I am - it is just a part of me) have the same problem. So I thought I would do a short post on writers' block.

5 Ways to Get Over Writers Block

1 - Just start writing. Write about anything. In the worst cases, take any book off the shelf and turn to a page and then write about that. Basically this is garbage writing to get the mind and fingers working.

2 - Read about how to write. Reading about writing can be inspirational. Read about how to get over writers' block.

3 - Start research. Often the cause of writers' block is the lack of background information. The writing flows well when you feel well prepared.

4 - Keep a file of writing ideas. When the ideas flow too quickly or time doe not permit writing, capture them in the file. This can be a treasure trove of "starting" gems.

5 - Take a break from writing. I find that I only have so much good material in me and when I write too much, I can burn out. I think that may be why I have not posted here for a couple of weeks. I have split my posting among various sites (like the Canrock Blog, CMA Blog and I even have done some of the writing for sites that SEO Pledge (one of our investee companies) does like How do you live within your means. So I have written too much so taking a break from writing will help.

I have been enjoying this crisp weather. Yesterday it was sunny but about -7C (20F) with a bit of wind when I started a 6 mile run in Sunken Meadow (a Beautiful long Island Park). When I got in the car, I noticed an icicle of sweat from my hat. I did not have my blackberry or would have taken a picture.

I have a natural interest in SEO. The recent Google change certainly changes that landscape. By including results from other Google properties first, they are capturing much more of the search results. Ultimately they may end up keeping us on Google only. They will own all the information.


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