Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eat More Kale

I love early mornings. There are so many things I like to do (work out, journal, occasionally blog) and I seem to be more productive then. The problem is I also like late nights and the two do not mix well.


I believe in protecting intellectual property. I encourage all my companies to have good processes in place to keep things a trade secret or patent them. I also believe in having a brain though. Chick-fil-A is suing a tee shirt producer who is making tee shirts that say "Eat More Kale" saying it confuses people with their slogan "Eat Mor Chikin". I suspect they are losing tons of business. I know I always confuse kale with chicken.

I am wondering if there is a course they can take on common sense and perhaps spelling while they are at it.


Speaking of courses, Execusense has a course for CEOs on iPad tricks and tips that I might do Friday.


Speaking of kale, the garden continues to produce even though it is almost December! Carrots, parsley, squash and leeks are all still great.


I notice that Linkedin has gone viral (or perhaps I have reached the tipping point for me where the network effect has kicked in). I get 3-5 or even more invitations to connect daily. The interesting thing is I thought it already was viral.

I read a Carmine Gallo book - "The Power of foursquare - 7 innovative ways to get your customers to check in wherever they are". I liked his book on Steve Jobs Presentation secrets. I like this one even more.

I often try new technologies. Some I stick with and others I drop as "not for me". Foursquare is one I dropped. Perhaps I am not the right demographic. I thought it would not go. So much for predicting the future.

The Power of foursquare explains the success of foursquare - 0 to 10,000,000 users in 2 years.

Gallo creates an acroymn - CHECKIN to explain how companies should connect with with people where they are:

Connect your brand
Harness new fans
Engage your followers
Create rewards
Knock out the competitors
Incentives your customers (seems a bit of repeat of create rewards)
Never stop entertaining

Gallo explains each step with interesting case studies. I particularly liked the case study about a nonprofit that raised $50,000 using a "check-in" campaign. I have an interest in social media for fundraising since one of my investments - Karma411 does this.

Good book. Worth the read.


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