Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best Business Book to Buy this year

My grandson, Josh, is doing great. No longer premature. Growing.

Photo of Joshua and his beautiful aunt Laura.

I do have some concern that he might be trying to hone in on my business deals though. Perhaps it is the way he dresses.


My current pet peeve is technology that does not add value. My current frustration is logging into a wireless network in an airport lounge. Why should it take 3 minutes? Why is it locked - do people try to use it instead of the free service the airport provides?

And how about a motion sensor tap that almost never responds unless you wave your hands under it an stand on your head (which is likely a good yoga move - so perhaps they do it so people get more exercise).

Technology application should enhance - not detract. It is an embarrassment to the tech community when it is poorly applied.


I really enjoyed Steve Job's autobiography. It is my pick of the best business book to buy. I suggest it should be required reading for anyone in business, technology, or just anybody. It is well written and captivating(reads like a good novel). And from what I know - mostly accurate.

I have thought about writing a long blog entry on my experiences with Jobs and Apple through the years.


I posted an article on "Why companies should not do B rounds" on the Canrock blog. I am sure it is sufficiently controversial to stir some comment (or flaming).

Speaking of controversy, there is a great Video on Occupy Wallstreet that is worth watching.


At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Gillian said...

First of all, your grandson is adorable. The tiny tie is amazing.

Secondly, I've been thinking about picking up the Steve Jobs autobiography, so thanks for the recommendation. That may have to be a holiday read...


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