Monday, September 12, 2011

Brothers' Weekend

I am just back after a brothers' weekend with, oddly enough, my brothers. We (Glen, Lyle and I)went to my brother Glen's house in Lion's Head. Certainly drove home the weather difference from Long Island. The nights had a distinct chill on the Bruce Peninsula.

We talk politics (even though I do not do politics), stock market, business, the economy and our business interests. We try to figure out where the future is taking us and how to solve the woes of the world. We hike and play Pinochole and Trivial Pursuit (that I lose at - why fill my head with trivia?). We picked wild apples and I made apple crisp.

We figure this was our 19th weekend over the same number of years although we likely missed a few weekends. As a game we run through the highlights of each one.

We really miss our brother Mark.

The weekend culminated with a birthday party for mom in Guelph. The family had each made a scrap book page that were compiled into a scrapbook. Mom is into scrapbooking. I told my kids this was her thing - for my 80th birthday I want a push-up contest. That's what I am into. They said they would chip in and buy me an entrance to the NY marathon. Oh well...

I cannot say how grateful I am for the life I have. I am very lucky.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Mark Fasciano said...

Loved the weekend story.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Mark Fasciano said...

But where is the apple crisp for the rest of the class?


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