Sunday, August 21, 2011

David and Amy Estill

Personal post.

My son got married to a wonderful woman today. Great event. All went smoothly.

My speech (timed at 1:15 while rehearsing it):

"I am a bit reluctant to speak when the audience is all issued with stones when they arrive (the table numbers and names were written on beach stones). As most of you know, this was a big week. The Dow dropped by almost 600 points. (pause)

And what else happened? Oh yes, David and Amy had a nephew.
It was a preemie. He is doing well. And I learned last night the Amy was also a preemie. I was not surprises since we all know preemie is short for Premium and Amy certainly is a premium woman. Not only is does she knit, do needle work, she is beautiful and intelligent and she bakes. Amy, Elizabeth and I would like to welcome you into our family. We would like to wish you and David a long and happy marriage. And of course the new nephew means I am a grandfather. I choose not to be old but it does make me wise. And in keeping with my new wisdom, wise people do not do long speeches.


And a bonus pic of my daughter and new grandson (he gets out of the incubator for the occassional cuddle).


At 5:01 PM, Blogger iftheworldwaspink said...

Congrats Jim! What a great/fun summer you're having. Very happy for you and your family. And yes, you are wise and LOVE the speech! MLK


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