Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Winner's Brain

It is another beautiful day out. Of course I do have some worries that New York should not have this much snow. Interesting article in the NY Times on climate.

I read a lot about brains. I think I must put a great value on what we can get by using them well. And I am fascinated by how they work and how they impact behavior. Perhaps it is the marketing angle also?

I have read all sort of books on the topic - like Make a Good Brain Great, Save your Brain, Brain Rules, and many on psychology as well.

One brain book is "The Winner's Brain: Eight Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success" by Jeff Brown, Mark Fenske and Liz Neporent.

Their 8 ways including my comments:

1 - Self Awareness. This one has always been a focus for me. I definitely see a connection between that and success. The beauty of self awareness is it can be studied and learned (I think that is one reason I read so much)

2 - Motivation. Again, this one is obvious to me. I spend a lot of time on goal setting and goals only work with good motivation. Part of doing well on goals is finding and strengthening the link to motivation.

3 - Focus. Again, any successful person that I know has high focus. And I constantly work at seeing how I can improve it.

4 - Emotional Balance. I will not say I am perfect in this one. But I certainly handle stress well.

5 - Memory. For me, this ties into focus. It is about memory of the right things. I do not bother to remember music, actors or sports scores. My theory is this leaves more "space" for other things that I value more.

6 - Resilience. I have long believed it is critical to be able to deal with adversity. It is not falling down that is the problem, it is getting back up quickly.

7 - Adaptability. The brain can always change and learn even into old age. Use this for advantage.

8 - Brain Care. Obviously eat right, exercise the brain and the body. I have made these a part of my life.

I am hoping to maximize my brain - are you?


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